Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The New Year

2012 is here and I could not be more excited.  2012 holds big things, I just know it.

Last year I made these NYResolutions and I am proud to say that I kept most of them! I did not text and drive (or talk on the phone without a Bluetooth) for the whole year, I didn't buy any new books (I'm trying to read the ones I already have first), I got out of multiple unhealthy relationships, formed new loving ones, and reclaimed my GPA.  Sure, there are a few that I didn't get around to, but there's always time in 2012.

On a more somber note, I hate watching so many of my family and friends acting and trying to be someone they are not.  Whether it's in social interactions or on the internet, it's the most repugnant thing.  I don't know if I do this (I probably do to some extent) but I don't want to do it, and I think that will be my New Year's Resolution--to be myself and be authentic.  I know I will be making a lot of decisions in 2012 that people (including family and friends) might not be too enthused about, but having multiple conversations about this topic with [true] friends, I have cemented myself in that I will not live my life to please other people.

My other New Year's Resolution will be to read the entire Old Testament.  Funny, I used to think that the OT was just a bunch of history that was essentially unnecessary for someone who knew all the Bible stories, but oh how wrong I was.  The OT holds do many secrets and treasures it is now more fulfilling for me to read that than the New Testament.  So here's to my perseverance and dedication to getting through the whole thing, and understanding it in a new and amazing way.

My other practical goal is to learn how to make one good dish.  Really well.  So that I can invite people over and make it for them and know ahead of time that it will be a success.  I would like to begin to cook my own food and improve as a chef in general.  Going hand-in-hand with cooking food (as opposed to buying fast food), I would like to eat healthier and lose some flab.  I want to exercise more and stay under my goal weight.  That's pretty vague, but I'd like to convince myself that it's not about a number but about being healthy on the inside from doing the hard work and self-discipline that results in a happy, healthy body.

2012 is going to be such a fantastic (but crazy) year.  I am nervous and excited and overwhelmed and it's only January 3rd.  Here's to new and exciting things, brought to you by your favorite caffeinated redhead. :]