Sunday, November 7, 2010


When I am upset or violated or hurt in some way, it is very hard to let go.  I wouldn't call it a grudge, persay, but I definitely remember it and I consider it the next time that I see this person, or the next time I am in this situation.

In a categorical sense, each violation is similar to a balloon in the fact that it will keep growing bigger and bigger over time and I begin to feel [inside] as if I am going to pop.  And sometimes I do.  I pop and let it out and whoever happens to be around will get the brunt of my anger.

But if you happen to be the person who has violated me, I think all that I want is an apology.  Because I notice that as soon as I get this apology, while I maintain the memory of it, I deflate quickly and we move along.  It's simple, really.

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