Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jesse and Kelly and a Weekend Away

This past weekend we had the opportunity to watch two dear friends fulfill their dream of marrying each other in the Julian woods, and what a sweet occasion it was.  I loved everything about the day, but most notably I was just so happy to see friends so in love, sharing the best day of their lives.  I've been to a lot of weddings recently but this time I couldn't help but notice their love practically radiating out of their faces.  It was awesome.

I also enjoyed sneaking away for the weekend to have a quick father's day celebration at home in San Diego, and then visiting Julian, part of my old stomping grounds.  Growing up, Julian was the town nearest to my own where we could see the remnants of a light snowfall, or else just enjoy some amazing apple pie.  It's always nice to visit, and on the way home from the wedding, driving through the golden hills, James and I couldn't help but fantasize about living somewhere as rural and home-y as Julian.  

After this we enjoyed a lazy Sunday and some time spent with James' side of the family; a restful day was something much needed by this point!

Wedding emotions wear us out!
(PS- This is probably my favorite thing about being married right now.. Lazy mornings just talking and laughing until we're forced out of bed to face the day.)

Congrats, Kelly and Jesse!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

tuesdAys Are bAck!

This week my new favorite show returned to television... Pretty Little Liars! I hate to admit that I have been sucked into this high school soap opera, but it's so catchy even my husband is hooked.  I will spare you my thoughts on the season premiere because 1) most of you probably don't watch, and 2) I don't want to give away any of the big reveals for people who might eventually watch it.  ;)

I started watching PLL during my hip-surgery-rehab-couch-potato phase, which admittedly was when I was under the influence of drugs, but I can't deny that the show has an engaging quality.  So now I am subscribed to it until the end, and we will see where this fanship takes me.

Recently it took me to Warner Brothers Studio where the show is filmed, and what a fun day it was!!  We didn't really know what to expect, and we were hoping to maybe get a glance of one set or another, but in actuality it was probably one of the funnest days I've had in a while and we got to see nearly all of the set!

When we arrived we got a small video tour of all the movies and shows that have been filmed at WB studios, and then we boarded our little golf cart to tour the grounds.  We started in the Rosewood "woods" and travelled through the town, the homes, and the backyards.  We caught glimpses of different actors and sets but what made our day was spotting Tyler Blackburn, the actor who plays Hanna's boyfriend (Caleb Rivers) in the series.  He had just finished filming the promo for Ravenswood and we recognized his outfit which matched the outfit in all the new photos online.  It was a weirdly thrilling feeling, since this show has now reached such international popularity.  History being made, people!

We got to tour an indoor set but unfortunately the PLL sets were closed for tours because they were filming.  Instead we got to see the set of "2 Broke Girls" and what was more interesting than any of the facts about the show was learning how they film sitcoms in general.  We learned how the audience plays a role and even how they use many optical illusions to make a very small set appear to be life size.  After viewing the 2BG set, we got to sit on the couch at Central Perk, a "Friends" favorite. :)

The tour ended in the WB museum which contained costumes and artifacts from soooo many legendary films and shows.  The whole 2nd floor is dedicated to Harry Potter costumes and props and I couldn't believe how close I was to all the original pieces.  It was amazing to see the costumes get larger as the actors grew, starting from practically children's clothes to those of full grown men and women.

After the tour we spent some time buying souvenirs in the gift shop (I was able to snag a Luke's Diner mug, after seeing many sets where Gilmore Girls was originally filmed!) and then had lunch in Burbank near the studios.  I returned home with a huge smile on my face, and a little buzz that lasted the rest of the week (note: not from alcohol, but the sheer enjoyment of the experience).  It was such a fun day, and not one that we will soon forget.

Here are some of the photos I took with my phone.  They would not allow phones or cameras in the museum, except in the car museum:

Yes I stood in the bushes. Lol, had to get the proof!

The DiLaurentis House.  In real life it has no roof, so you will notice the whole house is never shown in the show. Also, as with many of the sets, it is not a real house, but just the front of one.  All indoor scenes are filmed in am indoor soundstage where they can control all the lighting and noise.

Noel Kahn's cabin, also a location in Dexter I believe (I don't watch the show but the tour guide kept pumping out facts on how each of these sets are used in multiple different shows, just decorated or painted differently).

The "barn" where Emily gets gassed and saved by Ali.  Interesting note, WB has many stray cats on the premises (on is picture skitting away on the right) but they are allowed to be there and they keep the mice population under control.

Rosewood city hall, where they have all been busted.

Rosewood High--oh how we wish Mr. Fitz would just appear in the doorway.  Interesting fact again, there is nothing inside this building but merely a few square feet of foyer area for extras to walk back and fourth as scenes are filmed in front on the steps.

The church! I took this photo from the middle of the town square, which is rarely ever shown in PLL because it was the town square in Gilmore Girls and bears too much resemblance.  In GG there is a large Gazebo where I am standing.  Also, note all the extra branches laying around, for when they have shaved "winter" trees that need to be groomed into "springtime" trees.  

Lucky Leon's, where Hanna stuffs her face as a result of a command from A, and also where Maya used to work.

The whole "town" is set up for PLL right now, but in a moment's notice everything can change for a new show to be filmed.  I wish I could have seen it as Star's Hollow. ;)

The front of Emily's house.  Also the Gellar house in Friends. 

The back of Emily's house, which is also the front of Suki's house in Gilmore Girls. 

Emily's backyard, which in the show is Spencer's backyard, and this is the barn that Spencer designed and built.

Got a secret, can you keep it, well this one you'll save, better lock it in your pocket, takin' this one to the grave...

Toby and Jenna's house, where many motorcycles are doctored.

The stairs to Toby's loft, and also the train rails from General Hospital.

Radley Sanitarium.  So small!

A random street, shown in almost every show, just painted differently each time.  I was sad because the corner where PLL films "the Grille" is also what used to be Luke's Diner, which was unfortunately undergoing heavy construction on this day and we couldn't go near it.  

On our ride back from town we passed what was Rory's ballet studio from GG.

A HUGE Roll's Royce from Arthur.  I never realized they were this big; the photo doesn't do it justice, it was nearly the size of a limo!

Gran Torino.

One of the many bat cars.

And Ron's Ford Angelina.

A visit to the preserved "Central Perk" set which is now a historical site. 

And yes, we did get to sit on their couch!  You would be amazed how small this set really is, but with optical illusions even in this photo it looks like the size of a normal room.  I'll give you a hint, the tables and pictures in the back are all very small in actuality, so in the show they appear to be far away.

The famous water tower near the parking lot that also doubled as the Helipad for General Hospital.

And a delicious lunch at Granville Cafe, in hopes of a celebrity siting.

Like I said, it was truly a great experience and now as I watch the show I can't help but squeal "I've been there!! I stood there!!" every time I see one of these locations.  I highly recommend this tour to anyone who is a fan of one of the many shows that they film there, they do not disappoint.

Until next time. --A