Friday, January 3, 2014

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like... New Year's

Is it just me or has almost everyone of the last 20 blogs I've read talked about how hard 2013 was? Whether it was difficult, unfortunate, dry, unhappy, uneventful, unfruitful, or just not one-for-the-books, it seems to me like many people share in my sentiment that 2013 was not the best year ever.

It's encouraging to hear everyone's goals and resolutions along with all of their positive thoughts and encouragements to others. I really do feel like 2014 has the potential to be a great year.  Currently, I am trying to stay optimistic, utilize the positive energy that a fresh start brings, and not lose momentum!

I tried to jump on the band wagon and think up one word for 2014, but I can't put my finger on one alone, so I made a small list.  I want to clean up my life, not just the space I live in but my thoughts and attitude and many relationships.  I want to mature, which means going through hard things and coming out better despite the pain.  I want to find peace in my relationship with God, and also with where my life is heading.  I want to simplify my desires.  I want to love those around me with a more selfless love.  I want to prioritize better than I have in the past and make sure my decisions benefit others, and my future self.  Assuming I can do these things, I hope the outcome would be happiness. :)

Here's to a great new year!