Thursday, September 22, 2016

Take a picture, it'll last longer.

This morning was the first day back in my "walking group" which is, at this point, just me and one other woman from my neighborhood who wake up at 5:00am to walk a few miles around the block before starting our day.  As I mindlessly scrolled through my Facebook feed, staving off the dreaded getting-up process, I saw one of my peers' posts from the night before, claiming she had "the best life ever," accompanied with photos of her and her new baby boy.  As horrible as this sounds, my first though was, "no you don't".  And not because I know her intimately, or think that I have it better, but because she is one of those people who often overshares on Facebook and rants about any and every thing that irritates her.  I am not one to forget, so I quickly recalled all of these previous posts and thought, "how can she honestly think she has it all, when all she does is complain?"

But I think I know where she's coming from, and I'd be lying if I said I don't feel the same way sometimes.  Days when everything's clicking and the sun is shining down on you, and your heart feels so full you could burst.  Yeah, they are few and far between, but I have those days too.  As silly as it sounds, I started taking selfies on these mountain-top days, to remind myself that they exist and that for a fleeting moment, no matter what present troubles are plaguing my life, there is good in the world and I have found it, if only for a day.  When I scroll through my camera roll I sometimes roll my eyes at these dorky photos, but they give me hope and I'm glad they are documented.  These are the days when I know I have the best-life-ever.

I once read an article about how the #1 trait that guarantees success in relationships is something called "The Awesomeness Factor," which essentially means believing deep down that your relationship is actually better than everyone else's.  Not in efforts to be conceited, but because perception is reality and once you truly believe this, your perceived awesome relationship actually becomes more awesome.  I thought this was fascinating and I sought to implement it in areas other than my marriage (which if you're wondering, is totally awesome😉).  I think that's where the selfie idea came from, because I am so quick to lose sight of my accomplishments and blessings when things start to get difficult, and I needed a reminder.  Now, when I'm sad, or feeling anxious, I look forward to my next selfie opportunity and smile, because I know it's coming, no matter how far off it might be.

So to the girl who is awake into the late hours of the night, posting photos of her and her babe on social media, beaming with joy--shine on!  The world (and news feed) can always use more positivity, and hopefully you will look back on this post and smile, when Facebook inevitably reminds you of it on a later day.  We all deserve to believe we have the best life ever, even if the feeling only lasts a little while.