Sunday, October 13, 2013

15 Before '15

15 things I'd like to do by the end of 2015:

1.      Find a career "big-girl" job that I enjoy
2.      Travel somewhere I’ve never been
3.      Cook a fancy meal for our parents
4.      Get a pet
5.      Have a best [girl] friend
6.      Have a real Christmas Tree
7.      Visit another country
8.      Get rid of all the clutter in our house/life
9.       Be healthy again: start eating clean[er] and also exercising on a regular basis
10.    Run a marathon
11.    Pursue my creative dreams
12.    Evangelize to someone I’ve never met
13.    Figure out how I take my coffee (“Miss, how do you take your coffee?”)
14.    Finally watch the Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies
15.    Find peace.

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