Thursday, August 7, 2014

That's a Wrap

Tomorrow is my LAST day working at camp!  I can't believe the end came so swiftly, but then again there were definitely times I thought the days were dragging by.

Today is my last day off and I'm sitting in a cute little coffee shop in Great Barrington while my friend Amy takes a yoga class, then we're getting manicures and going to the Co-op for some snacks.  Hard life, right?

East Otis (and most of the surrounding Berkshires) is probably one of the most uninteresting towns I've ever been in... there are only 2 restaurants, a library, an antique shop, and a gas station.  The surrounding towns have a *little* bit more to offer, but not much in the way of entertainment.  But you know what?  We have found awesome things to do every chance that we got to leave campus, and I've actually had a lot of fun being outdoors in all these news places.  It's given me new perspective, if I can have a great time in a small town like this, I better never complain about being bored when I'm back home.  It's also interesting to note that here everything is very far away (the nearest town is about 30 mins away, the town I am in right now is about an hour away from camp) and driving an hour or two both ways is like nothing now.  The hour and a half drive from SD to LB will probably seem even shorter next time we drive it.

Last Saturday most of the staff departed and we were left with just a handful of other people who are staying around to close up camp.  It's been so sad!  I didn't think I would form meaningful relationships with people I only knew for 5 weeks, but I was oddly depressed this week and missing everyone terribly.  We offered our house to anyone who would come out to CA for a visit, and people are actually taking us up on it, so we're stoked to have some visitors when we return!

Last weekend was our staff banquet and I was in charge of compiling some photos and videos of our staff, so if you've got a *bit* of time to spare, check it out and see what it's been like ;)

After work tomorrow all that's left is to pack and then Saturday morning we get on a bus to NYC for our anniversary trip.  We are so excited, I can't even think about it too much or I get overwhelmed.  Everyone has been giving us input on where to eat and what to see and how to get around and I am just looking forward to all of it.  Not to mention I get to celebrate TWO years of marriage with my best friend!  How does time disappear so quickly??! I miss being a newlywed, but then again I wouldn't trade all the wisdom we've gained for any amount of honeymooning.  Woooohoooo I can't type anymore, I'm getting too excited again!!!

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