Friday, September 4, 2015

Back on Track?

It's safe to say I have abandoned blogging.  It's sad, really, because so often I form a mental list of things I want to write about and publish online, sometimes just for the sake of getting them out of my head (conserve real estate up in here!).

I am torn because I now have 3 blogs.  I have this one, my photography blog, and a WordPress blog I began a few months ago when I was mad at Blogger.  I don't know which platform I like better, but Blogger and I have such a long, well-documented history, I feel like I owe it something.

I want to start blogging again, but not in the normal let-me-tell-you-all-about-my-life way, I want to post shorter, more frequent blurbs, maybe even as short as a sentence or two.

Well here's to trying, see you soon.

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