Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Shedding My Winter Coat

Well, for all that were wondering, I have provided documentation of my vendetta against women needing to shave in the winter.  If you think about it, what is the point?  I wear pants EVERY day, even to bed, and nobody is touching my legs.  Also, once the hair has grown past a certain point, it is no longer prickly but rather soft and fluffy, like man leg hair.  But mine never got that bristly.

So I have not shaved since Halloween, which puts me at...almost two months exactly.  I noticed that between the one month and two month period, not much growth occurred.  It seems that once it reached its current length, it just stopped.

I have just today shave ONE leg!  It took about twenty minutes in the shower, and after much frustration and boredom I decided to wait until tomorrow to begin on the second leg.

Despite what I thought would happen, my hair has grown in very light and and soft.  I thought it was going to be dark and thick, the way it first grows in when it gets prickly.

This photo had been "doctored" so that you actually BELIEVE that I did this.  I enhanced the contrast and definition so that you can see the difference in hair length.

This photo is untouched, just to show how little the hair would actually show if I decided to wear shorts. I could hardly see it unless it was under direct light.

The BF demands that this change... and for that reason along with the fact that I'm going swimming on New Year's Eve, I have had to shed my comfy winter coat.  Until Next Year!  

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