Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Monday morning came too soon, it's entering my forgotten room

I am definitely having Study Time ADD right now... I can't focus on my slides, so why not write in the blogger?

Last night was pretty great, in the simplest of ways, and I feel great about the things happening in my life.  I truly do love having Debbie here as a roommate because not only does she provide a great outlet and a shoulder to cry on, but I am learning from her (I bet you don't even know it, Deb!) and by us growing closer it is also helping me to feel more comfortable and close to Erin, my roommate of 6 months.  I now enjoy having "the boys" over every night, and I'm learning to do this college kid life a lot better.  Um...a few points from last night: 1) Chinese takeout is awesome; always has been, always will be 2) Everyone needs a Mama bear (and Papa bear, and Boyfriend bear) to make sure you are making right, safe decisions in life 3) Burning firewood smells really good 4) Taylor Swift might be too pretty and good-at-everything for her own good 5) Hippophobia (Don't Say Hippos) = fear of horses 6)God is great and provides the best peace, not the world's peace.

And with that, I give you the best relationship advice ever given to girls, from hunky men:

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