Saturday, May 28, 2011

I am Pierced

In my efforts to be more Christ-like, I decided to experiment with body piercing.  (Ok, was that blasphemous? I'm just kidding; I'm sorry Jesus!!)


So last Saturday Deb and I were working (at J^2) and decided that when we got off we wanted to be spontaneous.... so we ended up at Somatic! I mean, we had somewhat premeditated this a few months ago, but doing it right at that moment was extremely rash and unexpected.  Deb got her nose pierced and I got my ear pierced.  And now we are living with the consequences.  Not that it was a bad regretful decision, but it hurts! I am only bummed that I can't sleep on my favorite side of my head anymore... this has lead to many restless nights this week :[  And aside from that, we have to do this stupid thing called "soaking" where we put our piercings in a bowl of hot salt water for 10 minutes.  If you consider the locations of our piercings you might be able to deduce that this is actually very awkward, or even comical... and you would be right.  Oh well, it's great "bonding time" and we have had many good chats while we are otherwise handicapped.  Do I actually think we will be able to keep up with this for 6 months? Um...about that..

It all started when we were bored at work.  What a dangerous combination.
(PS- I like this girl kind of a lot)

Before: Pensive

During: Nervous

Really During: PAIN

After: Happy

Way After: Awkward Soaking

I suppose I'll keep you updated on this.. if anyone cares.  

Off to soak again!

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  1. i care! so glad you blogged about our adventure; i was planning on it too.

    confession: i skipped a day of soaking. it just was way too inconvenient! and i need my 8 oz. jamba cups. stat.

    i kind of like you a lot too! =)