Wednesday, June 13, 2012

This is Home

Is it really summer break? The only reason I ask is because I'm seemingly more busy now than I ever was this semester... but I'm hoping this busyness will pass.  Sorry for the lack of bloggage, but my new apartment doesn't have internet yet, so that makes it quite difficult to update.  They don't pay me to do this!

The new apartment is GREAT.  I absolutely love it.  I love it's location and the unit that we got, I love being able to fully organize and decorate the space the way I want, and I love having a little haven in the busy world where I can kick off my shoes and let myself be undisturbed.  I haven't ever had this, so it's new to me.

If there had to be a downside to the place, it's that it's a half hour drive from my work, but even that is easy for me to overcome (so long as I can put gas prices out of my mind).

[our little home]

This past weekend we got our wedding bands, which was very exciting for this girl.  I don't really understand why, but some girls (including me) just love jewelry...I can't help but want it! Ahh!

Hope to have internet soon!

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