Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Crushed Pixels, Crushed Memories

Yesterday morning I made a rather large purchase and sprung for my first real camera.  I'm in no means a professional photographer nor do I ever intend to try to become one, but for a while (see: a few years) I have been wanting a point-and-shoot type camera that would give me high quality photos which could be printed out and taken seriously, like for family photos in our house someday.  That might seem like an oxy-moron, but I was determined to find it.  I didn't want the bulk or complexity of a DSLR camera, though many of my friends own them and have mastered them.  I just wanted something I could slip in my purse, or possibly even James' pocket, but it needed to perform and not just give me the same lousy digital camera pictures I've been capturing for the last 5 years.

I know there is no substitute for the quality and beauty that comes from DSLR cameras and lenses, but I think I have come pretty darn close, or in the case of my specific quest, I think I've found it.

Last week was my college graduation and during the ceremony I tasked my mom with taking photos on my camera as I crossed the stage.  I set all of my settings so that she would be prepared when my name was called, but what I got was disappointing to say the least, and it wasn't entirely my mom's fault.  Despite setting the mode, shutter speed, flash settings, aperture settings, and even adjusting the exposure and white balance, my graduation photo did not deliver.  Here is my proof:

Time for a new camera! We are making memories left and right at this time of life and it pains me to know they are passing by with little more than my phone camera to take them in. If for no reason other than our personal archives I want a high quality camera that will preserve these memories for thousands of years!

So, after much researching (months!) I narrowed down my choice and made a decision. After having my heart set on a Fujifilm x10s for a few solid months, I spontaneously changed my mind (due to some Fuji reviews claiming the same problem even in their newer models) and went with a Sony DCS-RX100.  Feast your eyes on my new baby!
Specs n Stuff:

I got an email saying it has already shipped and now I only have to wait in eager expectation.  I really hope that I made a good decision and that it will be everything I hoped for (and researched!).  I'm sure you will see the results on this blog sooner than later, but until then, fingers crossed!

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