Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Break Begins

Thursday afternoon my Human Sexuality class was cancelled and thus began my spring break.  This weekend has been a lot of work (management is hard!) and I've just done a lot of cleaning around my house.  Then on Monday (yesterday) I came home to my house (my parents' house?) in San Diego.

It was a long drive but eventually I pulled up in front of my house, and to my surprise my friend Tommy was already waiting for me outside!  We grabbed a quick coffee from It's A Grind and headed to our favorite secret spot on the beach at Del Mar.  We talked about life and many great things, took photos, explored pandora, and then headed out.

The view, looking down, from our Secret Spot

Tommy, vogue.

Tis the season.

Beach Bum. 

PS- The beaches in San Diego are NOTHING like the beaches in Long Beach, except for the fact that they are beaches.  The beaches here are cleaner, the sand is finer, the air smells fresher, the water is BLUE, and it's just awesome because it is a break from the urban life, not just a watery shore placed in the middle of the city.

God is Good.

So then Tommy, being my gbf, decided he would treat me to dinner at an authentic Japanese Restaurant downtown.  So we headed to Tajima and it was wonderful.
Heading towards downtown; sun rays breaking through the clouds JUST above the San Diego skyline.

Waiting to be seated

Tempura, japanese horseradish, noodles and tofu, miso soup, edamames, and smiley-face rice, courtesy of Tommy.

Green tea - did you know it helps to process the oils and fats in the foods that you eat, which is why a lot of asian people have it with every meal?

We sat at the Octopus table.

Then we walked off our dinner at the mall nearby, did a lot of window shopping, and our favorite--pretending we are a couple.  Tommy is my gay best friend but for the past five years we have enjoyed pretending that we are dating, and seeing how many people believe us.  Call us weird (we know that we are), but we love to walk arm in arm and stare lovingly into each others' eyes while we ride the escalators.  He buys me stuff and I compliment him like a hero.

I also turned him on to the amazing-ness that it Instagram!  I am addicted.

I didn't realize how late we were out for a Monday night, but I guess I paid the price because this morning I woke up sick.  :[  Totally stuffed up and congested with a sore throat, and cramps to boot.  The nice thing is that it's like old times, being home on the couch with mom's TLC.  And what's nicer is that I don't even have to break any of my commitments to work or school.  It's a nice day of forced rest.  

I've been looking over my Padres Lineup and getting MORE AND MORE excited every day.  Opening day is this Thursday, and I'm already chomping at the bit to go to a game.  It's too bad that the Dodger/Padre opener is the same weekend as my epic girl-road-trip or else I would BE THERE at the ravine.  Chillin at home is nice, but it's also kind of lonely and boring at times.  Expect more blogs or something.

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  1. So this is where you've been blogging! What wonderful pictures! I miss you so much. (I think I was following a different blog of yours but this one is much more up to date) I feel better knowing that we're connected by blogger! Coffee soon! :)