Thursday, March 3, 2011

This is creepy, but beautiful at the same time.

Being in Child Development, Human Development, AND Human Sexuality classes makes me the most ambivalent person in the world when it comes to having children.  Some days I am solid in the fact that I will never have one of those things, then other days I wish I was pregnant, like right now.  Beside the fact that I can't be pregnant right now, sometimes I think it would be fun to apply all my learning right now.

Doing my last minute cramming before midterms today I keep stumbling across the same photo in all three of my classes.
This is a fetus at 9 weeks.  This gets aborted every day, because "it's not a baby yet."

Creepy looking, but amazing.

PS- I know I said I would do a biography month, and I DO have some already in the works that I never published, but as far as February is concerned it was just too short and went by too quickly and I was too busy.  I shouldn't be on here right now, I should be studying, but I wanted to share what was on my mind.


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