Tuesday, March 27, 2012


As some of you may know, this past Saturday was our long-awaited Engagement Party!  (I think there were some issues with Facebook invites, because I know a lot of people that we invited who said they never saw notice of it, so sorry to you all!)  It was a great night of celebrating and bringing families together.

Bride & Groom!

James' mom and aunt were amazing as they put on the whole thing--food, decoration, ambience and all--and it was soo beautiful!  We even got some sweet gifts, which we weren't expecting at all.  I really love all of our friends and family, and I love spending time with everyone at once, which means a lot coming from someone who hates being the center of attention.  It just makes me even more excited for the Big Day to finally get here so we can all party together again....

Dad and 2 of his 3 son-in-law's.

The cutest little flag I ever did see, marking which house it was!

Wedding Bells!

**And for anyone paying attention, I GOT MY DRESS yesterday!  I went back to David's Bridal with one of my Bridesmaids, Oanh, to get her dress picked out, but I ended up trying on MY dress again and we knew immediately that it was the one.  I got compliments from everyone in the store and I think my smile was about 100% bigger this time around.  We rang the bell, took all the pictures, and sent away for it.  I go in for my first fitting in 6 weeks, woo hoo!!